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Progressives decry Biden’s pivot to center in run-up to 2024: ‘Feet to the fire’

‘Desperate and bigoted’: the right uses latest shooting to malign trans people

Israel hasn’t been a democracy for a long time. Now, Israelis need to face this fact | Joshua Leifer

Light the Beam: how the historically awful Kings became the NBA’s feelgood team

MLB 2023 predictions: boom or bust, the Padres will be entertaining

‘The public stigmatizes them’: what it’s like being a teacher in America

Deals, drama and danger: the incredible true story behind Tetris

‘I see this as a global fascist moment’: author Jeff Sharlet on interviewing far-right Americans

A rare parasite is killing California sea otters – is cat poop runoff to blame?

Panera to adopt palm-reading payment systems, sparking privacy fears

Wee the people: Republican Boebert presses DC witness on public urination

‘Wearing gayness on their sleeves’: 60 years of LGBTQ+ T-shirts

Texas Observer journalists raise $270,000 in bid to save publication

Angry Fox News chief said fact-checks of Trump’s election lies ‘bad for business’

US puts Italy-sized chunk of Gulf of Mexico up for auction for oil drilling

Tennessee governor fails to mention gun control in message after shooting

UN nuclear watchdog says fighting near Ukraine power plant is ‘intensifying’

Powerful storm brings more wind, rain and snow to California

United Nations adopts landmark resolution on climate justice

Bernie Sanders accuses ex-Starbucks chief of unprecedented union-busting

Colbert on Nashville school attack: ‘Fewer guns equals fewer shootings’

Whatever happened to the baseball movie?

‘How do you laugh about death?’: the comedians tackling climate change

Human remains revealed by shrinking Lake Mead identified half a century on

‘This is very bad for them’: months of leaks rattle Canada’s low-profile spy agency

Senate chaplain: ‘thoughts and prayers’ not enough after Nashville shooting

From coaches to pushy parents, US men’s soccer is married to mediocrity

2023 belongs to NHL sorcerer Connor McDavid – 2024 and 2025 probably will too

Michael Jordan’s big score: why his NBA ownership tenure is far from a failure

US environmental agency to conduct internal inquiry over Ohio train wreck

Josh Hawley called ‘fraud and coward’ over response to Nashville shooting

Nashville shooting: what it reveals about Americans’ love of military-style guns

‘Not going to let our military be politicised,’ says Republican delaying nominees over abortion

WeWork mugs for $500: 10 of the strangest merch items from companies that crashed

Dominion wants Fox News hosts and executives to testify at trial

US court reinstates Adnan Syed murder conviction in Serial podcast case

Mike Pence must testify before grand jury investigating January 6 – reports

Republican congressman says ‘we’re not going to fix’ school shootings

Jury to hear statements from Gwyneth Paltrow’s children in Utah ski crash trial

Nashville school shooter legally stockpiled weapons before attack

Nashville school shooter’s identity may make them an exceptionally rare perpetrator

US senators grill banking regulators in first Silicon Valley Bank hearing

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves review – passable, playful adventure

Colbert on Trump protests: ‘Less Jan 6 and more Jan and six of her friends’

Nashville victims: three nine-year-olds and school head among six shot dead

Florida school pulls anti-racism film Ruby Bridges after parent complaint

‘A portrait of defeat’: inside a revealing film about Pope Francis

‘A swipe at fashion capitalism’: Telfar’s experiment lets customers set prices

Aide to Senator Rand Paul critically wounded in Washington DC stabbing

Wisconsin’s disabled voters face barriers amid ‘massive confusion’