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Jada Pinkett Smith signs deal for ‘no holds barred’ memoir

Trevor Noah on House of the Dragon lighting: ‘If I can’t see it, it’s not TV – that’s a podcast’

New York University professor fired after students say his class was too hard

‘Innocent is innocent, period’: Richard Glossip on facing execution again

Florida mayor not offended by Biden’s ‘salty language’ on live microphone

The most terrifying case of all is about to be heard by the US supreme court | Steven Donziger

‘A story Brazil never wanted to tell’: the podcasts reclaiming the country’s black history

‘Utility redlining’: Detroit power outages disproportionally hit minority and low-income areas

‘I have a voice’: African activists struggle to attend UN climate talks in Egypt

Disinformation in Spanish is prolific on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube despite vows to act

‘We told you so’: For Black athletes racism from college fans is a familiar story

Alabama prisoners strike over ‘horrendous’ conditions

Wes Moore bids to become Maryland governor: ‘I’m running against an insurrectionist’

Victor Wembanyama: the 7ft 4in ‘once-in-a-millennium’ prodigy coming to the NBA

Funtime Lions to Saints surge: which current losing teams will make the NFL playoffs?

‘It’s a right over our own bodies’: a remarkable documentary on medically assisted death

The pastor v the football player: can Raphael Warnock tackle Herschel Walker?

Blame, threat and clash: the war between pickleball and tennis players is escalating – on and off the court

Warriors’ Draymond Green faces discipline after punching teammate – reports

Defiant Niemann ‘won’t back down’ amid damning chess cheating report

Former Uber security chief found guilty of concealing data breach

US court orders review of landmark immigration program for Dreamers

Twitter v Musk trial still on as neither party requested pause, judge says

Poland suggests hosting US nuclear weapons amid growing fears of Putin’s threats

Protester files police complaint after being tackled by NFL’s Wagner

Hurricane Ian ‘ends discussion’ on climate crisis, Biden says on Florida visit

FBI records slight increase in 2021 homicides – but data is incomplete

Alec Baldwin settles lawsuit with family of cinematographer killed on film set

Thousands of salmon found dead as Canada drought dries out river

US Covid recovery in ‘jeopardy’ unless poorer countries helped, group warns

Nicole Mann becomes first Native American woman in space on Crew-5 mission

Hurricane Ian: woman celebrating 40th birthday in Florida among victims

Texas attorney general who tried to flee abortion subpoena ordered to testify

‘Death by a thousand cuts’: Georgia’s new voting restrictions threaten midterm election

Trevor Noah hails ‘bravery and tenacity of Iran’s women and girls’

Kevin Spacey trial begins in New York, five years after sexual abuse accusations

Anti-abortion extremist Herschel Walker is a raging hypocrite. Surprised? | Arwa Mahdawi

‘There will be more failures’: frustration as Cuba’s infrastructure crumbles

The Bills are getting a $1.4bn stadium, but taxpayers will pick up the tab

Mr Harrigan’s Phone review – minor Stephen King gets minor Netflix treatment

Elderly bear brunt of Hurricane Ian as Sunshine state retirement turns sour

‘You can’t cancel me’: embattled TikTok star reinvents herself as a warrior for Jesus

‘Community at its absolute worst’: revisiting the horror of the Salem witch trials

James Brown’s cape and Rudy gone wild: key takeaways from Haberman’s Trump book

Animals we’ve lost: the vivid ‘waving’ frog that vanished suddenly

Study links in utero ‘forever chemical’ exposure to low sperm count and mobility

Musk’s Twitter deal is his least bad option – but he must repair the damage he’s done

Aaron Judge makes history with 62nd home run to break AL record

Trump asks supreme court to intervene in Mar-a-Lago special master dispute

California serial killer appears to be ‘on a mission’, as police link seven shootings